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Before signing a contract with a new client or if you decide to undertake legal actions for the collection of your debt at a considerable amount, we recommend that you research the financial situation of the respective natural or legal entity.

We offer the elaboration of detailed references and credit reports which give information about the financial and legal state of your debtors. Such information shall allow you to make the correct decision for the specific case. We offer you the possibility to receive a detailed report which will as well let you know about the opinion of other clients and suppliers working with that debtor. The reports that we elaborate shall correspond completely to the information you need to receive.

Judicial debt collection

In case that we are not successful with the extrajudicial collection of your debts, we will give you, without any additional remuneration, legal advice regarding the possibilities for legal actions which are appropriate for the specific case. Our team of advisers and lawyers with broad experience shall elaborate all the necessary documents for the initiation of the legal proceedings.

Depending on the case, it is possible to ask from the court to allow for security of a future claim, which shall guarantee the payment on the debt through injunction on bank accounts of the debtor, his/her real property, etc. Sometimes it is recommendable to directly initiate proceedings for writ of execution or to ask the court to issue and European writ of execution. Our lawyers shall defend your interests as your legal representatives during those proceedings. We will as well assist you during the execution proceedings until the final recuperation of your debt.

We have partners on the territory of the whole country and all the costs borne by you during the legal proceedings which include court taxes, remunerations for lawyers, bailiffs, etc. shall be added to the amount that is due to you and it shall be collected from the property of the debtor.

Purchase of debts

We could possible offer purchase of your debt after familiarizing ourselves with the specific case, the documents you dispose of and the financial state of the debtor. If your debt is collectable, we expect you to get in contact with us and we will discuss the conditions for purchase of the debt.


Whenever the two parties in the commercial dispute wish to keep their good faith and want to keep their good relations but they have some contradictions with respect to a case, we suggest that you assign the resolution of the case to a professional mediator. In this case you will receive an objective solution which shall be made within short terms and without paying a lot of fees.

You should not forget that the best court decision is worse than a reached agreement between the parties. The compromises made by the parties regarding the solution of the dispute very often are less than the costs related to the judicial resolution of the court. It is important to keep in mind that the court decision rarely leads to results which are financially favorable for the winning party.

Whenever keeping the good faith within the negotiation process is something very important to you, we could represent you defending always your rights and interests. During the legal representation we always take into consideration the instructions of the client and we at all times keep the respective confidentiality level. We offer mediation for the solution of a specific dispute between the parties, as well as detailed and professional report on a possible agreement. The practice shows that very often an agreement which does not seem to be that favorable to you is much better than a possible court decision. In case of an explicit consent of the parties regarding a specific dispute, we offer its voluntary resolution through mediation by a third person – neutral and objective party – a mediator.


We offer the elaboration of an individual strategy for the reduction of the non-collectable debts, depending on your business activity. We organize training sessions for your employees with the purpose to introduce them to the possibilities for limiting the unpaid obligations, their conduct during negotiations with clients, ways to guarantee payments, etc.

International debt collection

Thanks to our collaboration with many other companies which specialize in the extrajudicial and judicial debt collection we could offer you those services in many other countries. We have many successful cases for which, due to the collaboration with our local partners, we have achieved extrajudicial collection of debts in Poland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece and Turkey.

If you have receivables from an international partner, we expect you to contact us so we could inform you on the possible debt collection conditions.

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