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гарантирано събиране на вземания

In order to guarantee the collection of your receivables we recommend that you sign an insurance policy against the internal commercial risk, offered by BAEZ

The subject of the insurance are payments pursuant to contracts for sale of goods or services with a period of delayed payment up to 2 years.

That covers the commercial risks (bancrupsy and delayed payment), related to the Bulgarian buyer – contractor in a commercial transaction.

The debtor is a legal entity registered as a trader on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The credit limit (the insured amount) is the maximum amount of the coverage offered by the Insurance Company for the payments pursuant to the contract for sale of goods or services to a certain debtor in each moment during the period of validity of the policy.

The insurance compensation is paid up whenever a risk, covered by the insurance, has become a fact. The amount is the agreed upon in the insurance policy percentage of insurance compensation and within the approved limit for the specific debtor

The form of the insurance contract is a framework insurance policy, which includes the whole turnover of the insured party, except for the deliveries done under the conditions of a pre-payment and those with confirmed irrevocable bank guarantee.

The tarrif numbers (the insurance premium) is calculated after an analysis of the financial state of the debtors and the risk assumed by the insurance company, and the insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the sales done under the conditions of postponed payment.

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