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Извънсъдебно събиране на вземания

We realize that the most important thing for the development of your business are your clients. However, there are cases when you do not receive the payments that are due to you within the stipulated terms. The inclusion of our special team for the solution of the case with the client shall help you reach to a solution without entering any conflict situations or losing the good faith.

We could offer you individual strategy during the extrajudicial collection of your debts, depending on the specific case and the behavior of the debtor. You should not forget that the more time has passed from the due date for payment the harder the collection of the debt. That is why we suggest that you take advantage of our services related to the prevention from delayed payments as a result of your business activity.

You will receive from us:

  • Immediate actions after receiving the information related to the case;
  • Professional attitude, honesty and confidentiality from the whole team;
  • Written notifications to the debtors in relation to the obligation due;
  • Conversations and personal meetings in order to convince your debtors to pay their dues;
  • Free consultations and advice;
  • Periodical reports for what we have done so far;
  • Reports related to the possible objection of the debtor;
  • Elaboration of agreements for periodical payments (installment payments) of the obligation, discussing the specific payment terms with the creditor;
  • Supervision related to the observation of the contractual terms for payment;
  • Possibility for the elaboration of different reports related to the debtor;
  • Call center, SMS campaigns, investigations and personal meetings;
  • High percentage of recuperation of the debts – up to 85%;
  • Low costs and keeping the good name of the client;

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