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Контролирано събиране на вземания

The prevention is extremely important for the avoidance of the delayed payments and the existence of non-collectable debts. In order to achieve the latter, we created the Service“Balkans Group Control”.

After familiarizing ourselves with the particularities of your activity, we will elaborate an individual procedure for the administration of the collection of the company debts. We will elaborate internal rules which you will use when issuing invoices and control for the timely payment of the obligations. The program includes the elaboration of specific action proceedings and terms which shall be used. We offer training for the employees who engage in that process and we will ensure marking with special signs, informing that the issued invoices are under the control regime for timely payment of Balkans Group.


  • Professional organization of the activity related to the prevention from delayed payments in the company;

  • Clear and transparent rules;

  • Equal attitude towards all recipients of the offered goods and services;

  • Assistance from experts in the debt collection process;

  • Increasing the amount of the timely payments;

  • Guaranteeing high collectability if observing the procedure;

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